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This site will be temporarily unavailable for a database migration.  The site will be down on 7/22 and it is anticipated it will be back online between 7/24 and 7/27.

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The following does not apply to HVAC contractors or Distributor Accounts:

The Potomac Edison Home Performance, QHEC, and QEC programs will reopen on July 27th, 2020. The program will reiimburse approved participating contractors for QHEC and HP Audit home visits that take place on or after this date. Home Performance rebates will be processed if test outs are done on or after July 27th. 

All Contractor accounts for Potomac Edison Participating Home Performance and QHEC Contractors have been deactivated at this time as we begin transition to reopening these programs. Contractor accounts will be reactivated one by one as requirements are met  Also all individual people logins have been deactivated as all field staff will be required to attend training on safety and new procedures for the QHEC and Home Performance programs AND all field staff will be required to pass an exam on program policies and procedures before being made available on compass to select for any QHEC, HP Audits or HP Rebates.  



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Potomac Energy Compass provides the ability to to easily report and track the progress of an energy efficiency job. The functionality includes maintaining building and customer information as well as entering audit details and submitting actual work performed.

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